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Domme (via Mr Toad Goes To France)

Lovely photos.

Domme To think I nearly didn't bother coming here.  The guide books warn of narrow winding roads on the approach to the hill-top town and that campervans are banned from the centre. Domme is a sort of cross between a Cotswold village, Totnes market and, err, um, somewhere in France.  I'm sure I recognize the guy selling knitted sandles in the market from Totnes.  The views from here over the Dordogne and beyond are breathtaking, a real jewel in a gem e … Read More

via Mr Toad Goes To France


And the Adventure Begins… (via With Grace in Your Heart and Flowers in Your Hair)

And the Adventure Begins… A red eye, early morning flight, and an overnight flight make for 3 days since I’ve had a normal night of sleep, but I’m somehow still feeling energized and excited!  This recent bout of travel started when I left San Francisco after last week’s KF 16 Training.  (KF = Kiva Fellows; 16 is our class number).  Below is the KF 16 graduation picture: (Photo Credit to Charlotte) We had the most incredible group of 25 fellows.  I had so much fun and was … Read More

via With Grace in Your Heart and Flowers in Your Hair