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Tweeting from the grave.

Here’s a thought.  With so many applications nowadays you can use to automate your social media presence,  how many tweets are we seeing from dead people?

Buffer all publish pre-set tweets, status updates etc.  Buffer needs setting every so often, and Hootsuite too (I believe) however  I know that doesn’t require me to do anything once I have provided my parameters.

“Automatically find, publish & promote engaging articles, photos and videos from across the web.”


So, I could be publishing that well after I am gone!

Okay, now that’s off my chest, please enjoy the rest of your day.





Body clocks (and Twitter)

A tweet from a virtual South African friend, recently arrived in the middle of France, has got my brain working.

We grow up and become used to the rhythms of our world and the changing of the seasons without thought, it becomes our norm. Those of us who live in the Northern hemisphere recognise the constellations of that hemisphere, know that in winter the days are much shorter and colder, and in summer longer and hotter. We don’t question it, it just is.

So, a tweet suggesting the sun rose so late here made me think. Surely in SA in winter the sun rises later, the days are shorter. But no, of course not. SA is much nearer the equator and the sunrise and sunsets throughout the year barely change by more than an hour.

I know how different it is for me, only 7 hours from my country of origin. The rhythm of life is different here, and I am rarely up and about as early as my French friends. I am only 500 kms from my place of origin yet I notice a difference, my virtual friend is nearly 9000 kilometres from home, how different it must be.

For my South African friend, I can only offer this, 21st December will be the shortest day of our winter, and we will then be moving toward summer and longer days. In the middle of June the sun will be setting at nearly 22h00, having risen at 06h05.

Oops, hold on I’ve gone to far, have a lovely Christmas and then look forward to a New year and summer.

a bientot,

Fermer le portail s’il te plait x