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Standing desk (again!)

Back in Feb 2012, I began trying a standing desk and wrote about it here and here.  As you can see, I was very pleased with my new desk position and looked forward some healthier internet surfing.

In July(ish) 2012, I started with a rather painful foot problem necessitating eventually (after several months waiting for it to resolve itself) visiting a podiatrist a few times.   He prescribed me orthopedic insoles and for a while my feet improved.  However I’d been sitting for a few months and the pain was not resolved enough to bring me back to standing.   I am pretty sure the problem wasn’t caused by me standing, but I will be sure to use my insoles when standing just in case.

My standing desk was big and ugly and I decided to swap it with Jo (my Virtual Assistant daughter) who was looking for a bigger desk.  So, I now have her small one which I don’t sit at, as I have moved to sitting at the end of the kitchen table.  I like being in there but now my feet are a lot better I need to start standing again, as the sitting is not comfortable nor good for me.

There’s a lot more information out there now about Standing desks, more than there was when I first blogged.  I watched this a week or so ago.

Trust Me I am a Doctor which did some really interesting research with a group of Estate Agents.  If this isn’t showing (I can’t watch again in France) maybe it’s on YouTube.  Worth a look.  Here’s just one example.   I love the desk at 1.27 mins :

So, I am currently standing with 2 pouffes resting on our coffee table (Mark might want one of these back when he comes in to watch TV!).  Not ideal but it’ll do for now.  I will need to work out a better way as I am determined to stand again, it’s far more comfortable and is good for me in so many ways.

So, let’s see how it goes this time.


Standing Desk

Day 1.

In the past few days I have been hearing about and reading about Standing Desks.

My chair which is now two years old has lost it cushioning effect. I am obese and spend a long time on my laptop. Have been thinking for a while I need a new chair, along with thinking I need to get off my ar** and spend less time sitting in front of this screen. So, I know how that works. I start of with good intentions and we have been walking more, however it’s not enough, I am addicted to the internet and I getting uncomfortable on my chair.

So, after having a look at what was available (buy a new desk rather than chair) I see that Ikea do some good ones.
Then I realise that one that is mentioned is actually the desk I am using! I look and see that my desk can be easily converted. So, this morning, my husband has done the deed and I am now standing at my newly positioned desk writing this blog.

My newly adjusted desk
I hope you can see it in all it’s glory, I know that the photos tend to get cut off on here. I’ve turned my desk round so I can look out into the garden. The downside for Mark is I can see him if he slacks off in his gardening 😉

I knew from my reading that this is a tiring position for a few days and I also know I need to keep my legs moving to prevent pooling of blood in my veins. So, to combat this standing still, I am listening to some Ska music and when I am not typing, having a little dance.

Oh and one more good thing (there are so many), I have turned my desk around and am looking straight out at the gates! So, even more security 😀

So, I can see the gates are shut, so no need for a reminder.

I shall be slyph like by this evening, and very very tired.

a bientot.