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Dear ConDem government………

and particularly Teresa May.

What sort of fucked up immigration policy is this?

How is sending Harley Miller home helpful to the country?

Harley Miller petition  (8109 signatures so far, keep signing)

Mariam Harley Miller has been in the United Kingdom for 9 years working continually for the National Health Service in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health sector helping young people of this country through sometimes quite severe mental health problems.

She has also contributed taxes in all that time and has never required any benefits. She is considered “highly skilled” with two Masters degrees and various lesser qualifications. She owns her own property and doesn’t have a criminal record.

However on Thursday 31st October her renewal application for residency in the UK was rejected after legally living here for 9 years and UKBA/Home Office decided not to renew her visa, with no right of appeal. As of Friday 1st November she was given just 28 days to pack up her house, her home, her life and leave.

She is no longer allowed to work and was formally dismissed from her senior position without notice or severance pay after 9 years dedicated to the UK National Health Service. The meeting at which she was dismissed was called a “hearing” with “allegations” and an “investigation” as though having her visa renewal rejected was a crime. Ironically she is no longer entitled to health care. The very same health care that she has contributed to in terms of work and taxes. In fact as of that Friday she has no rights in the UK whatsoever despite owning property and her years of contribution.

Apparently she is not alone, many immigrants from Australia who are approaching 10 years are now having their applications for permanent residency refused.  These are hard working contributors to multi -cultural Britain.  It looks like it will all help the Home Office, UK Border Agency and the Condems to meet targets that they have set themselves.   Has no-one told them its quality not quantity that counts?

Kathy the sane feeling incandescent with anger.


Dear Jeremy Hunt,

I note that today you have proposed some more changes and also punishments to NHS hospitals who are dishonest about their care or lack of care, who mislead or conceal information from patients affected by mistakes.  You have said, according to The Guardian newspaper here

 “if a hospital was not open with patients and their families following a patient safety incident, its indemnity cover – which is key to its functioning – could be reduced or removed. That would give hospitals “a strong financial incentive to be open about patient safety incidents”.

I note the BBC story is titled,

Government publishes ‘blueprint for trustworthy’ NHS

I’m sorry, I am trying do hard to keep a straight face as I read this, I so want to change the headline.  Actually, I will change the headline,

NHS publishes ‘blueprint for trustworthy’ government

There, that sounds more realistic to me and will help you see what we here on the outside looking in see.   I hope you will remember one the first things we learn as we reach adulthood.   You must walk the walk before you can be believed as you talk the talk.

Once again we have a government rearranging the deckchairs on a sinking ship with little or no understanding of where the problem lies.


I don’t think I need to say more, less is more ya da ya da.

Yours with regret,

Kathy the Sane.



The NHS is as great as Magna Carta

The NHS is as great as Magna Carta.

Facebook Censors Users during Media Blackout on Privatisation of the NHS

Facebook Censors Users during Media Blackout on Privatisation of the NHS.

Slippery slope now a landslide!

Soylent Green, Deception and the future.

It would appear (so far at least) that few people remember the film Soylent Green from the 70’s.  I did mention it on Twitter a week ago, and have just heard it  mentioned on Radio 4 yet not followed up.

Soylent Green

In 2022, with 40 million people in New York City alone, housing is dilapidated and overcrowded; homeless people fill the streets and food is scarce; and most of the population survives on rations produced by the Soylent Corporation, whereof the newest product is Soylent Green, a green wafer advertised to contain “high-energy plankton“, more nutritious and palatable than its predecessors “Red” and “Yellow”, but in short supply.

Plot Summary

A tale of Earth in despair in 2022. Natural food like fruits, vegetables, and meat among others are now extinct. Earth is overpopulated and New York City has 40 million starving, poverty stricken people. The only way they survive is with water rations and eating a mysterious food called Soylent. A detective investigates the murder of the president of the Soylent company. The truth he uncovers is more disturbing than the Earth in turmoil when he learns the secret ingredient of Soylent Green. Written by Mystic80

A couple of months ago, I bought this film on Ebay as I wanted to re-watch it…..I wonder what motivated me to do that! For those of you who haven’t heard of nor seen the film, look away now as I am about to reveal the ending!  At the end of the film, our protagonist unwittingly discovers, in the course of investigating a murder, that the latest, cheapest and readily available food wafer ‘Soylent Green’ is in fact PEOPLE!

So, over the past couple of weeks we’ve been hearing more and more about how the meat we’re being sold and the meat we are eating is not necessarily what we think it is.  For a short time I was not unduly concerned (and am still not overly) as we don’t eat processed food as a rule and I am not against horse meat per say.  As the story has been unfolding and we learn more and more about the deception and the multi faceted parts to the sorry tale, I have become more concerned about what we will learn next.  Last night I heard that they have now found pork being sold as beef!  I feel badly for those who’s religion is against eating pork.  How much more is there to this deception, and how can we ever expect those who manage our food chain (or anything else for that matter) to not be deceitful when so many public figures use deceit without a second thought.

Government Ministers lie,

Perverting the course of justice

He faces jail after admitting perverting the course of justice by getting his then-wife Vicky Pryce, 60, to take his speeding points. Pryce — now divorced from Huhne after he left her for an aide — denies the same charge, claiming a defence of marital coercion.  A jury is considering its verdict at London’s Southwark Crown Court.


NHS bosses gag their Chief Executive’s whilst at the same time suggesting they encourage whistle-blowing.

Former NHS manager on culture of fear and oppression

The former chief executive of an NHS trust which is being investigated for persistently high death rates has broken the terms of a gagging order to speak for the first time about his concerns over patient safety.

Gary Walker was dismissed from The United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust in 2010 and signed a non-disclosure agreement as part of his pay-off deal.

Mr Walker ran one of 14 trusts now under scrutiny following the inquiry into deaths in Mid Staffordshire. Last week, the inquiry into those deaths recommended that gagging clauses like the one Mr Walker signed should be banned.

As a former NHS employee who has whistle blown (vicariously) twice, I know the consequences of taking the whistle blowing encouragement seriously.

How many other industries are there deceiving us the consumer, what else will we find we’re being fed.

We’re certainly fed a load of lies by politicians, we’ve been fed a load of lies by high profile figures who are now being questioned regarding  claims of sexual abuse.  The lying and deceit won’t stop, all the time high profile figures model bad behaviour for us all.

Good luck with your food, I hope you don’t find we are eating people.  I won’t be becoming vegetarian quite yet, but will continue to prepare most of our meals and shop with utmost care and hope that I am not being hoodwinked.  Today I am cooking beef (I hope).

Bon continuation out there in the Asylum!