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When will there be Peace?

There are now so many images on social media, and so many good images, well worth sharing, I am unable to share them all there. So, I will share them here. I am shocked, sad, angry and despairing at these images. Non of those emotions or images are in any particular order. I just want the suffering of my fellow human beings to stop.





de niro


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Do you remember the photos taken of Iraqi prisoners by US soldiers, naked, blindfolded, being goaded by dogs, being humiliated and abuse by the soldiers? Attempts to inflame an already volatile situation. The photo montage of playing not praying looks nothing like this, but is still an massive attempt to inflame and radicalise Muslim believers. If you really want to end terror, stop radicalising,stop disrespecting the beliefs of others.



Parallel process

I have been struck dumb by scenes and writings I have been following over the last few days.

I have been saddened to see Parallel processes taking place both in newspapers and in online forums.

I know these are normal, human reactions to the emotions they are experiencing but it still saddens me when I witness it happening with those who claim to have the moral high ground and some who I count as my friends. I have joined in at times and then realised there is no point, people are not listening to each other. Even those who shout their words, and insist they know best are being ignored. In fact, when someone shouts at me and insists that I should do as they say, or listen to them, I walk away. When people talk about respect, whilst being disrespectful to others I feel anger. When people laugh at violent acts being perpetrated on another, I don’t want to have these people in my life.

We sit on-line (on the side line), virtually telling the people on the front line and politicians what to do and yet, we do nothing but fight with each other. Similar to the football fans, who barrack from the stands, or in front of the TV, yet are not there on the pitch, playing the game.

What gives us the right to think we know better? What leads us to believe that we have the answers that politicians and law makers for centuries haven’t succeeded in realising. If we do have the answers, why aren’t we politicians? Why aren’t we there giving out sentences?

I’ve said more than I intended….so not struck dumb. Am hoping to see some calm today, and probably will if the Parallel process continues.

Kathy the sane thanking dog that the gates are closed and that we are living outside The Asylum (as far as we are aware and able to do).