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The barbarism of UK and France

We are all quick to shout and exclaim outrage when someone is beheaded by one of those Barbaric countries where beheading is still their form of punishment yet at least that death is quick.  We know of course that they are not always deserved punishments and that this post is not about the politics of that.

This post is about a much slower form of punishment, a much slower death being meted out to 1000’s of people on the shores of Europe.  I can only knowledgeably talk about what is happening in Calais and in Dunkirk and since both France and UK are well known to me, I will stick with the evidence from these two countries.  These people do not need to be punished by the way….they have fled that.

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The police in Dunkirk have recently stopped volunteers from entering the camp with building materials, new tents, sleeping bags and basically many of the things that are needed to manage this mess (Dunkirk, France early January). This is after a few days of wind and rain (and heaven knows what happened last night).

I am informed by the Sub Prefect for the area that the actions of the police are to manage the people smuggling.  I do not believe this for one moment.   He informs me that they are doing everything they can to help these people claim asylum blah blah.   The problem is, many of the people here want to join their families in the UK, so claiming asylum in France is not conducive to that.   The leaders we are all reliant upon use the Dublin Regulation to insist that asylum is sought in the country you first enter (ie enter and make application).  The refugees sitting on the edge of the channel want to claim asylum in UK, not France, so would scupper any happy ever after with their family if there leave the camps.  Germany and Czech republic suspended Dublin regulations last year in respect of Syrian refugees yet the UK still refuses to budge.

Left to themselves, France won’t develop a plan to prevent people coming and risking their lives trying to cross.

Almost nightly police and CRS throw tear gas into the Jungle.  Many, many of the refugees have fled war and they are now in another war zone.

Be In Their Shoes

Cameron must take control of this and not build more fences.  My knowledge of both countries is that one is reactive and one has been known to be proactive.  Hollande needs leading….he is too weak and naive to manage this (and too stubborn and blind to know this).  I cannot believe I am looking to Cameron to be the saviour but it is down to him ultimately.

So please, stop being outraged by beheadings and what you consider barbarism…..unless of course you want to include the atrocities on your door step in that outrage.


Dear David Cameron re Eugenics.

Dear David Cameron,

I note that you have been taking advice from an old leader about how to rid society of those who drain the economy, look nasty, and generally mess up the place by not fitting in.

David Cameron calls on obese to accept help or risk losing benefits.

Under proposals that are likely to be met with resistance from charities and some medics, the Conservatives will consider whether to reduce payments worth about £100 a week for those they consider could do more to help themselves by going on medical programmes designed to make them to lose weight, stop taking drugs or give up alcohol.

I know you know that you’re not the first to have ideas on how to clean up society by targetting the vulnerable.  I am sure you won’t be the last.  I am pretty sure (as a relatively intelligent fat woman) that Hitler wasn’t the first with these ideas, however he is an ideal example when making comparisons.

Nazi eugenics

In other words, a society could achieve positive outcomes – like increased productivity or reductions in crime – if it removed unhealthy or ‘undesirable’ genetic elements. Many governments had experimented with eugenics-driven policies long before the Nazis came to power. More than 64,000 Americans with mental illnesses were forcibly sterilised between the 1890s and 1924. Other countries – such as Japan, Canada, Australia, Sweden, France and Switzerland – also dabbled in eugenics-based policies in the 1920s and 1930s. – See more at:

‘Life unworthy of living’

The final, most drastic phase of the Nazi eugenics program was euthanasia. Killing the unhealthy to protect public health had been proposed as early as 1920, by two German writers: psychiatrist Alfred Hoche and philosopher Karl Binding. The mentally disabled, Hoche and Binding argued, possessed only lebensunwertem lebens (‘life unworthy of living’); legalised euthanasia would end the “burden for society and their families”. While many Nazis supported introducing euthanasia, Hitler was wary, because he knew approving the medical killing of the disabled would generate considerable public opposition. In 1936 Hitler told his inner circle that euthanasia was a policy that would have to wait until wartime, when it could be introduced with less fuss

– See more at:

Have read the above, I am wondering whether you should just move to Plan B and kill off all those who are not worthy.  I can imagine it will be far cheaper than wasting time paying buereacrats to administer yet another “scheme”.  I am sure G4S  and /or ATOS will be able to offer you a cheap all inclusive package.  You could probably get them to deal with all prison inmates at the same time in a job lot.  How much nicer society will be then!

Of course your eugenics programme is not new.  You  started with my disabled friends sometime ago.


No more benefits for fatties, says Cameron, while fat cats remain his bestest chums.

“It is not fair to ask hardworking taxpayers to fund the benefits of people who refuse to accept the support and treatment that could help them get back to a life of work,” the Prime Minister said. “While it’s perfectly fair to force hardworking taxpayers to bail out banks and my friends in the City because massively high-stakes gambling with money that isn’t yours is an addiction that we Tories cherish and support one hundred per cent.

He then hurried away saying he had to meet his friend Eric Pickles for a drink and “something chocolatey and naughty” in one of the Houses of Parliament bars which are subsidised by the taxpayer at a cost of six million pounds a year.”

As you can see, some people think your ideas are beyond belief.  I do really wonder whether you really are getting your ideas from Hitler!  How can you sleep at night?  If only you could step back and look at yourself in the mirror and see what we see.

You may have missed this Horizon programme,

Why Are Thin People Not Fat?

“Most of the studies on obesity and weight loss have been done on subjects who are overweight to begin with. A BBC Horizon documentary titled Why are thin people not fat? looked at the obesity problem from a different angle. They chose subjects who were naturally thin and stuffed them with excess calories. None of the participants had watched their food intake before, but their weight had remained roughly the same for years.”

The problem is that according to our current understanding, the number of fat cells can only be increased, never decreased. This means that any new fat cells produced as a result of (prolonged) overeating will always stay with you. What’s worse, as the purpose of fat cells is precisely to store energy, the body will now send more signals of hunger to your brain to keep those fat cells filled up. Obviously this makes following diets that rely only on cutting back on calories very difficult.”

The overall message of the documentary is that being naturally thin is a combination of many factors, some of which are genetically determined and some a result of the environment. Of course, individual choice also plays a role, but the studies on small children given unlimited candy show that even before we have the capability to think rationally about our food choices (kids will eat as much candy as they desire), there are differences among people.”

So you see David, those people you are suggesting you sanction are not just fat through lack of will power.  I am not fat due to lack of willpower.   Fat people spend their whole lives being told they’re fat and the person telling them is,

  • Doing them a favour
  • Telling them something they didn’t already know
  • Is being cruel to be kind
  • Wants to help them
  • Is no longer allowed to be racist, so fatist will do

When you look in the mirror do you see a fat guy?



So, let perhaps begin higher up the food chain a sanction some bankers.

Tax dodgers


Do that and you’d get my vote.