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The time since my last blog in January has flown by….I am ashamed to say much of it with me sat here ranting at the new #SCROTUS (So Called President of The United States), on Twitter, I am not alone.  Unbelievable that he is still in office getting more and more embarrassing each day. I do hope this enormous issue is resolved soon….it surely cannot go on for a whole term.

dumb fuck

I feel so sorry for Americans who have to live with this, day in day out.  Some ‘moron’ asked my some time back why I was so obsessed with his president when I am not American….and there we have one of many major issues.  So many of Trump supporters appear to have no concept of the global impact of their leader.

It’s been fascinating seeing all the resistance over there…and the rogue accounts on Twitter…some of them taking big risks initially before handing over the admin of the accounts to multiple colleagues to protect their jobs and livelihood. Resistance from within: Federal workers push back against Trump

One upside of the above has been the amazing cartoon opportunities.  I am not sure I have ever witnessed someone being so lampooned from all corners.  20 Cartoons Reacting To The Results Of The 2016 US Presidential Election

Oh and the Saturday Night Live sketches were amazing. (do check YouTube for more)

Seeing some good stuff in the wake of this….a massive sigh of relief when Macron won the French election and seems to have come out all pistons firing.  Loved seeing Angela Merkel step up as leader of the free world since #SCROTUS seems unable to lead a barn raising party.  Trump’s ‘Pittsburgh, Not Paris’ Rally A Massive Flop Compared To Nationwide ‘March For Truth’  Hoping this week to see this new world order settle on Jeremy Corbyn…
I am sure there will be some rocky times ahead, and I am hopeful that many of the manifesto hopes and promises will begin to drag the UK back from the prolonged stagnation and quasi austerity for some.   How they have got away for so long robbing the poor to pay the rich I shall never know.  If I was a mystical type person I’d be looking at how the planets are aligning and making a forecast…..(I Googled, there’s nothing obvious coming up)…oh my dog, we’ll have to wing it!

Of course my thoughts are with all those who have been subjected to terror attacks, in whatever country/city they live in.  I cannot imagine that anyone can be blind to how we are radicalising young people with out weapons of war.  I’ll say no more at this time.  I am not a rayer, but hold thoughts and hopes for a brighter and more peaceful world, just around the corner.

PS. Thanks to Winifred for your comment.  It is very kind  (and maybe a advertising ploy?) and has motivated me to have a little splurge here.




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