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Microsoft Corporation owe me $100

Back a month or so ago (I cannot remember exactly) my husband found himself being GIVEN Windows 10 with no obvious way out.  Despite repeatedly pressing a cancel/back button the “upgrade” continued and he had no choice but to work with it.

Sneaky “upgrade”

Around the same time life was full on and every month I found we needed to pay to boost our internet quota to get us to reset day.  We probably spend more time on the internet than others do and I am good at feeling guilty about this…so as I buy a volume booster or 2 I blame myself for spending too long on Facebook,  Twitter, playing Scrabble and one text based game I’ve been playing for 6 years.

We already pay a premium for our access to the internet being in rural France and too far (by 700 mtrs) from the cable run for Broadband.  So, we are limited and it is a good lump of quota we pay for, and up until recently was enough, enough even for internet radio.

This month we ran out of quota 3 days ago.  I bought volume boosters to get us over the hump. Yesterday at 16h00 we had already used 870 mg of a 1 Gig booster.  I was horrified and realised we cannot carry on paying out this amount of money for leisure.  I envy those of you who have no quota, have no idea what your data usage is and never have to worry you’ll run out before reset.

My husband had come to me a few hours before with a pop up box on his laptop and whilst I was trying to work out what the problem was I noticed Windows Edge and other stuff that I’d not really heard of.  So, I decided to have a look around and came to the sudden realisation that his laptop is using 75% of our quota each month despite me being the prolific user.   We swapped laptops.  After a short time Googling I made some changes to his laptop and am hoping when reset comes tomorrow to give it back to him severely restrained.

Today we had one last 1 gig booster, 3% used when I started out this morning.   He is using my laptop and by 16h00 today we’d used 32% as opposed to 87% yesterday!  I am so relieved and looking forward to receiving the ?$100 Microsoft Corp owe me in compensation for them stealing from my quota with no warning.

Here’s what I did,

How to stop Windows 10 using so much data

I have also added Data Saver extensions to both our laptops and my Chromebook.

Google Data Savers

Next month I am hoping we can relax and enjoy our time online without the anxiety I’ve experienced over last 2 months.



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