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Refugees and all their rubbish!


These poor people have just had an awful weekend listening to and watching live music.  They’ve had access to food, to water, to toilets and to RUBBISH bins.  Better than that, they know where they are going and will be somewhere safe, warm, dry and comfortable by nightfall.  They will access to more food, warmth, a shower and a comfortable bed.

Bless them.  Why should they clear up after themselves.



These people have just spent several days walking.  They may have made a treacherous Mediterranian Sea crossing. They have little or no access to water, food, toilet facilites, to clean clothes.  Rubbish bins!!!  You’re kidding. They have no idea where they will be tonight and have no idea when they will next sleep in a comfortable bed after a cleansing shower.  They don’t know when they will next (if ever) feel safe.

“Fuck them!  Look at all the crap they spread as they try to get here to invade us.  Look at them all, they’re dirty and probably full of disease, they’re all young men….they’re coming to fight us and kill us!  Make them go away and take their rubbish with them.”

read Vacation in Rogince below

If you want to help those poor people who were traumatised by their experience at Glastonbury this year please educate them to clear up after themselves.

If you want to help refugees please join the various groups on Facebook.

Calais and beyond – People to People Solidarity – Action from France


Caravans For Calais – Coordinate & Fundraise

Calais – People to People Solidarity – Action from UK

Let’s Help Refugees in Hungary – English wing of SEM

Kos Kindness

‘Lily’ – Love In the Language of Yarn

Socks For Refugees

Connecting Hands to Help Refugees in Greece

Write to you MP and demand that she/he takes this situation seriously.

Don’t find yourselves on the wrong side of history.

you or I


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