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By Brute Force

By Brute Force

“Rumour has it there isn’t anyone left in Orbán’s inner circle to make him understand that the refugee crisis has no solution, or rather has no Hungarian solution. More precisely, there is no one magical solution.

The Hungarian government cannot stop the tide of refugees with a fence nor with the army mobilized after 50 years of inaction or some new laws, and it couldn’t take them in even if they wanted to stay.”

This in my opinion applies to all politicians who are wringing their hands. There is no magical solution and you cannot hold back this tide. You must take head of your citizens and provide good care, warmth, food and health care and housing whilst you seek your solutions. I am despaitring of humanity.

Refugee Crisis in Hungary

Author:Zoltán GÁL J. Original title:    Erőnek ereje , Photo:MTI-Balázs MOHAI Date: Published in the 12/09/2015 issue

By Brute Force

Are they doing this on purpose, or is this really the best they can do? As if the refugee crisis was holding a magnifying glass above the country, we might have never seen Hungary like this before with such strong contours — in such detail. Beyond the magnifying glass now appears a world that last showed itself in this country in 1944, but there is also a yearning for an inclusive, tolerant, European country. And the distance between the two is not a crack, but an abyss.

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