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The Age of Ignorance: Adventures in the Fetid Bog of Prejudice, Ignorance and Misconception Surrounding the Refugee Crisis

I do hope those who are still making excuses read this and sadly I don’t think they will.

Johnny Wishbone

Decades from now historians will study and opine on the current era in which we exist. Human societal development has reached a watershed moment in its evolution: we, in the UK, have fought for emancipation from serfdom; universal suffrage; the trade union movement; freedom of speech. All wondrous achievements for the betterment of individual lives. But this evolution has recently experienced a tumultuous and malignant change in trajectory. With the advent of 24-hour news media, the world wide web, digital technology, paradigm-shifting scientific discoveries, we have never before been exposed to such an abundance of knowledge.

We have unprecedented access to the public sphere following the radical ‘Big Bang’ of social media and online academic content and digitised archives of material. But, alas, it has not ushered in an apotheosis of high learning, nor has it engendered a population of well-informed and engaged individuals. No, civilisation has reached the era…

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