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An Introduction

The Fasting Atheist

Welcome to my blog! This is me…… and this is my flatmate, Fatima.

Fatima and I have a lot in common: we both like ‘Made in Chelsea’ (though while for me this is a dirty secret, Fatima is out and proud), we both like bubble tea (though Fatima verges on obsession), and we both go for the (somewhat occasional) run. We are both twenty-somethings struggling to find our way in London with job problems, money problems, friend problems and health problems, and we have both supported each other through all of these things over the past year and a half that we have lived together. But there is one thing that Fatima and I do not share, and that’s our religious beliefs. Fatima is Muslim and I am atheist. Therefore, for Ramadan Fatima fasts, and I do not. Until now. I have promised Fatima that I will fast for…

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About kathythesane

Lived in Kent, then Devon, now France. Trained as a Mental Health Nurse in Canterbury, then at Training South East (Sandhurst) in Transactional Analysis with Alice Stephenson (dec'd) , Suzanne Boyd and Mellie Lewin. Managed a Private Psychiatric Nursing Home for very mentally ill patients in Devon for 3 year before retiring to France in 2006.

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  1. Thanks very much for sharing! I hope you enjoy the blog!

    • Pleased to share. Very brave of you and interesting to read your experience. If only more people would look upon our differences as opportunities to learn.
      Have a good Day 5 (I think).

      Bon courage


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