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Guns with history

Just over 2 years ago 20 year old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook school in America. He used guns he’d taken from his mother’s house, the mother he killed before leaving to massacre at the school.

I blogged about it several times and vented my anger on the blind pro gun owners in America who continued to justify their right to bear arms!

Today I am sharing this powerful video…..will it make a difference?  Who knows. What do you think.



About kathythesane

Lived in Kent, then Devon, now France. Trained as a Mental Health Nurse in Canterbury, then at Training South East (Sandhurst) in Transactional Analysis with Alice Stephenson (dec'd) , Suzanne Boyd and Mellie Lewin. Managed a Private Psychiatric Nursing Home for very mentally ill patients in Devon for 3 year before retiring to France in 2006.

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