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Observation or judgement, how can you tell?

The article Parenting While Distracted
has reminded me of this blog post, written by me in March 2013.

musings from outside the asylum

Just two things of note for me, besides funerals and all the other stuff.  Two things I observed and had an hypothesis about whilst driving around the country.

Observation 1.

I am in Boots, behind me whilst I am shopping is a mother pushing her 5 month old baby in a pushchair.  Baby is facing mum, having eye contact with mum who appears to be talking to her.  She’s not, she’s talking into a hands free phone, has a wire coming from her ear.  Baby is looking, possibly thinking mum is talking to her, but getting very odd signals and probably doesn’t know how to respond.  Mum’s conversation is heated, angry at times, and she’s giving no eye contact to the baby who is trying to make sense of the world. It was pointed out to me (aggressively I felt) that this was just a snapshot, and yes I…

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