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Standing Desk a sequel

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musings from outside the asylum

Day 2

I was pretty achy when I went to bed last night, and pleased with how the raised desk was working out. I am pretty achy today too, and have been here less than yesterday. No reggae either, as I was driving round the glorious French countryside on errands.

I know that several things are happening whilst I am standing here, and one of those things is I am actually burning calories. The reason I was achy (and am now) is because I using muscles to support my body. Back muscles, thigh muscles, calf muscles, etc. When I was sitting in a chair, the chair was doing all this work so my body could slow right down and burn very little energy. So, I have already speeded up my metabolism with little conscious effort.

I like this article I’ve linked to, as there are several health benefits mentioned within…

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