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Happy 13th birthday grandson.

You can now legitimately have a Facebook profile.  I am very unhappy for you.

Suddenly 13 seems to be the new age of consent and you will be catapulted into a world that has far too much adult content when you are still going to be coming to terms with puberty.

If you and I were Facebook friends you would be faced with some of the awful images and news items I share in anger and in disbelief. You’d get to share the horror I often feel when faced with stories of abuse of children and animals.  I am sure you will get adverts down the right hand side of your profile that are completely inappropriate for a 13 year old.

I know that your dad will use what parental controls he can and I know that he is always aware of your safety when using the internet.  I also know that if you ever have another Smart phone, these parental controls will be useless.  I am pretty sure your mum will not be making sure you’re safe whilst using the internet (nor your 8 year old brother) whilst you’re visiting her, as I know she allows you to watch films that are not suitable for children of your age.  So, all the protection in the world will not actually protect you from the horrors of the world we live in.

Back in the very early 90’s (well before you were born) my younger sister aged 33 embarked on her training to become a nurse.  As part of her training she spent a week or two with a community midwife and was very shocked to discover there was a large under 5’s at risk register in her town.  She’d naively believed that this sort of thing only happened in cities and OTHER towns.  So at 33 she had to deal with her feelings about that.  Now there is potential for my 13 year old (20 years younger) grandsons to learn about these things.

So, Happy Birthday young man, and I wish life for you could be as sheltered and innocent mine appeared to be.





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