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Dear Jeremy Hunt,

I note that today you have proposed some more changes and also punishments to NHS hospitals who are dishonest about their care or lack of care, who mislead or conceal information from patients affected by mistakes.  You have said, according to The Guardian newspaper here

 “if a hospital was not open with patients and their families following a patient safety incident, its indemnity cover – which is key to its functioning – could be reduced or removed. That would give hospitals “a strong financial incentive to be open about patient safety incidents”.

I note the BBC story is titled,

Government publishes ‘blueprint for trustworthy’ NHS

I’m sorry, I am trying do hard to keep a straight face as I read this, I so want to change the headline.  Actually, I will change the headline,

NHS publishes ‘blueprint for trustworthy’ government

There, that sounds more realistic to me and will help you see what we here on the outside looking in see.   I hope you will remember one the first things we learn as we reach adulthood.   You must walk the walk before you can be believed as you talk the talk.

Once again we have a government rearranging the deckchairs on a sinking ship with little or no understanding of where the problem lies.


I don’t think I need to say more, less is more ya da ya da.

Yours with regret,

Kathy the Sane.




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Content to be Lefty, Libtard, Snowflake, TreeHugger, DoGooder, kind, generous and sane. This Atheist will say potent prayers for you Trumpettes.

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  1. I have a nasty feeling they DO know what they are doing. The more they can talk up criticism and negative views of the NHS, the more they can keep on privatising it : we all sheepishly say “Well, if it’s that bad, privatising it surely couldn’t be any worse.” Does anybody seriously want G4S Atos
    or any other carpetbaggers running our healthcare?


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