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Facebook is a PIMP!

Re blogging after watching the Channel 4 programme, Porn on the Brain.
We have entered a new era where young children, a young as 10 perhaps, are exposed to violent and extreme porn before they’ve even discovered what normal sex is.
Our children and grandchildren are growing up and believing that what they’re seeing is how it is meant to be.

KathytheSane (who has sometimes been described as Mary Whitehouse (the social activist) asking you to pay attention and not dismiss this.

musings from outside the asylum

So, your 13 year olds are accessing Facebook, and I know there are much younger children accessing Facebook.  Facebook is not protecting your kids and these groups and images can easily be accessed from a mobile phone where your parental controls don’t exist.

In 5 mins between Scrabble moves this morning (whilst checking out a random opponent who’s image slightly disturbed me) this what I found.


















These groups, many of them open, have no place where one can report them.   The profile photos of some of their members (no pun intended) displayed across the top of the page show simulated (I hope) sexual acts, sexual positions and semi naked bodies. THANKFULLY NO BREASTFEEDING (because Facebook deletes images of that!)They have no place on Facebook and this is just a small sample of 100’s probably 1000’s…

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