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Powerlessness, how must it feel?

There have been few times I remember in my life where I have felt powerless.   In fact, as babies, for a time we must feel powerless to control what happens to us.  However, as we grow older, we become more powerful and have more ability to control what happens to us.  I can recall the odd time in adulthood where I have felt powerless.  Thankfully, these have been brief moments in my life, but give me a minute insight into how it must feel.

I read stuff in the news, see stuff on telly and am eternally grateful that, as far as I am aware, I am in control of my own destiny. I cannot imagine (I can a bit, it’s not nice) feelings of such powerlessness that people who may feel who have been wrongly accused of something, people having their liberty taken from them for being the wrong colour, the wrong type of human being, for being wrong in the eyes of those holding the power.

This blog (and my most recent status update on Facebook) was motivated by this story shared by a virtual friend about the jobless and their powerlessness in the face of those holding the power.  As I read, I began to get in touch with those brief times when I have felt powerless, and remembering the energy sucking fatigue that sets in when you feel yourself being completely (and sometimes deliberately) misunderstood, or mis-accused.

A Selection of Especially Stupid Sanctions.

And, as I write this I realise that this is small in comparison to those who have been born the “wrong” colour (that colour deemed wrong by those who make such decisions) and those who have been born into the wrong culture (according to those who judge such things) and those who have been born into a world that they don’t quite fit, not through choice (as some believe) but by destiny.   I know that there are many people who don’t feel powerless in the face of these massive injustices, yet I am sure at some point they have felt powerless to change the outcome.

The society I find myself reading and hearing about appears  desensitised to those who cannot do as well for themselves as some of us do.  It’s a society that appears to be about greed, selfishness and judgement.

We joke about sitting this side of the gate whilst all out there in the asylum carry on in the madness, yet I am now feeling more and more like never venturing out.



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