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Myth Busting: Are UK MPs Underpaid? Are They Hell…

Worth reading to get ALL the low down in one place.

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The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) has today called for the salary of Westminster MPs by £8,000, bringing the annual wage for a backbench MP to £74,000.  Much of the justification for this rise is based on a popular theory that MPs are not paid enough, but does this statement stand up to closer inspection?

What are MPs Paid?

The salary package for a member of parliament in the UK House of Commons consists not solely of the basic salary, but a wide range of allowances and expenses, pension and a particularly generous ‘exit package’. The figures below are taken from the House of Commons Library’s Members Pay and Expenses – Current Rates from April 2013 report. (click to enlarge)


On top of this MPs are able to claim:

Subsistence (Overnight sitting): £25
Taxi Late Night Sitting: £80
Winding Up Expenditure: Winding up their offices (does not include…

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