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Government’s War on Immigrants: Shameless Scapegoating

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I prefer this version to the Daily Heil et al versions. Let’s understand the real figures and stop passing around unfounded, hyped up, gossip.

Scriptonite Daily


A Banker, a Teacher and an Immigrant are sitting at a table on which sits a plate with ten biscuits on it. While the Teacher and Immigrant are deep in conversation, the Banker stuffs nine of the biscuits into his mouth and pockets.  He then leans over and whispers into the ear of the Teacher:

“Watch out. That Immigrant is after your biscuit”

This joke summarises the unfolding war on immigrants, disabled people, those who cannot find jobs, people who are too sick to work.  The war has been declared by a government which is busy transferring wealth from the bottom to the top of society at an unprecedented rate. It is the age old divide and conquer principle – and the best bit is: they’ve convinced many, on all sides of the political spectrum that we do in fact have an issue with immigration.  Newsflash: We don’t.

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