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No longer friends with my daughter………

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……on Facebook!

I recently removed my daughter from my Facebook friends list.  I discussed with her my reasons and she appeared to understand.  I had recently got a couple of things wrong when commenting on a status update and she suggested that I sometimes seemed like a stalker.  I decided that if I removed her as a friend, I wouldn’t continue to do the mum stuff that she didn’t want and could stop appearing like a stalker.   It’s been a great way to avoid myself getting things wrong in my attempt to get things right 😀

Having done this (about 3 weeks ago I think) I have noticed that our interactions have improved, and that if she wants to message me she can (and she does much more than before) and that we get along better when we’re together.  I am no longer faced with a status update that isn’t filtered for parental reading, no longer see the bits I never used to see and yet still share the important parts of her life.

She lives 5km away, I have no need to see her photos I have the same photos on my laptop, the photos of the dog who visits us often (I have my own photos of him, as he is so cute).   She visits here at least a couple of times per week, sometimes more, so why do I need to be her friend on Facebook.

She is now free to post without me peering over her shoulder (I am also free to post stuff I might not want her to see).   It feels right, and it feels better and I’m  reminded there is a life and was a life before Facebook.  I am sure for some people Facebook had brought them positive things, it has for me, but it has also brought a lot of negative stuff and as it becomes more and more intrusive, one needs to be quite vigilant about what one adds, says, or posts.   I am surprised Facebook haven’t suggested her as a friend yet….I am sure they will, it’s only a matter of time.

I might delete my husband later…….will see how he feels about it 😀


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