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NHS Staff Paid Millions in Public Money to Remain Silent on Failures of Private Healthcare Providers

Britain is being privatiised, people are making money out of this privatisation and failing to care! This is the future!

Paediatric Services (surgery and care of sick children) at the BMI Mount Alvernia hospital in Surrey, which held a contract for referred NHS patients was found to fail eight out of nine care standards by the Care Quality Commission. The watchdog discovered what it terms ‘life threatening’ failures at the hospital, stating that “Medical, surgical and some nursing practices at BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital were so poor that people were put at significant risk…One of the most serious concerns was the care of children admitted for surgery”. Failings included children being operated on without parental consent, a child being given a nerve block on the wrong side of their body before surgery, resuscitation teams failing to respond to emergency calls, and children being operated on by a surgeon without gloves and whose shirt-sleeves were stained with the blood of other patients. While NHS referrals to the hospital have ceased, BMI retains its £200m a year contract to provide services to the NHS.

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A Freedom of Information request has revealed 52 NHS staff have been paid £2m by their hospitals in gagging orders which ban them from reporting significant failures of private healthcare providers operating NHS contracts, against the public interest.  The Head of NHS England, Sir David Nicholson had previously testified before the Public Accounts Committee that no such orders had been issued.  He has appeared before the committee again this afternoon, receiving tough questions on the ongoing scandal.

The Gagging Orders


Tory MP Steven Barclay, a leading member of the Public Accounts Committee has accused NHS Chief Sir David Nicholson of either failing to ask the appropriate questions of his staff, or being ‘complicit in a cover up’ of failure and paid-for silence within the increasingly privatised NHS.

In March this year, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was forced to ban the issue of gagging orders on NHS staff after…

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