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Compassion bypass at my Beautiful Laundrette.

Whilst blogging over the weekend, I have been coming across photos I’ve not see for a while, and was wandering around on Facebook in the past.  This evening I found myself in March 2011, and the 3 weeks in March that I spent with Dad as he was dying.   During the morning before he died after I’d sat with him during the night, Mark and I traveled with our washing to the launderette.  I need a service wash as it is called, and I know years ago I was able to take washing in to this launderette and pick it up the following day.  On this particular day I was exhausted and was so shocked by what happened, I typed it out and and kept it.  Here is how it went.

Compassion Bypass at the local laundrette!

The washing has been piling up, and Viv suggested I take it over to the local launderette where they do service washes. Before going back to the Nursing Home after 3 hours sleep, we drove across to the launderette.

Me: Hello, could you do this service wash for me please?

Her 1: (looking at me in a pissed off fashion) Have you been here before?

Me: No, do I need to have been? Only, I am in an hotel as my Dad is dying, so I can’t do my washing.

Her 1 : No, you don’t need to, but I need to take people’s phone numbers.

Me: Okay ……(I provide my phone number)

Her 1: I’ll need a deposit.

Me: Okay, I’ll get my purse, how much do you want.

Her 1: As much as you can.

I go off for my purse, wondering why I am leaving a deposit and my clothes! I walk back in,

Her 1: We do self service you know, you could do it yourself.

Me: But I need to be with my Dad who is dying. Don’t you want to do my washing?

Her 1: It’s okay, we will do it, but you could do it yourself.

Me: Shall I take it away?

Her 1: No, we’ll do it.

I hand over £5.00 and she begins to write a receipt.

Me: I can’t believe you are so lacking in compassion and are making it so difficult for me to leave it here.

Her 2: It’s just we have people in and out, all the time, wanting us to do their washing……we can’t be happy all the time you know.

Me: But you do offer that as a service. Can you not see my dilemma?

Her 1: When do you want it back?

Me: I guess tonight is too soon, but tomorrow please.


Me: Okay.

She goes off, leaving me standing, I think waiting for a receipt. Her 2 speaks to me and  Her 1 comes back with receipt. By this time I am past caring, have no energy to fight, my head is down and I take the receipt without comment.

I come away, am fuming, and astounded and could not believe that these 2 women could be so cold.

This would make a great sit com.  I have wondered later what on earth is going on for these two women that they could not feel or show even a tiny bit of compassion for another human being.


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