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Eyes Wide Open in LFP #4

I expect you’d like to see the completed wall.  We were very happy to see it.

BBQ with friends for Quatorze.  The garden now a space to use rather than to be abused in.

BBQ with friends for Quatorze. The garden now a space to use rather than to be abused in.

Our builders made a lovely job of it and sadly, for many months of the year we need to store our wood against it, as during the disputed placing of the wall, we also lost a small piece of land we’d been using for wood storage.

With no central heating, we burn at least this much each winter.

With no central heating, we burn at least this much each winter.

The end of September 2010, saw the beginning of the roof refurbishment.  Immediately Scrote complained that a small part of a crawl ladder was overhanging his property and preventing the access to his yard by the lorry due the following day.  Our very patient roofer changed this ladder for a shorter ladder in readiness for the fictional lorry due the next day.  We believe our roofer visited Scrote twice to secure access to the land at the back of the house, and after a few weeks,  we understood that Scrote had agreed.

The offending crawl ladder.

The offending crawl ladder.

In October 2010, we had an appointment with our advocat, and we learned for the first time, that we were emptying used water onto Scrote’s land.  We, with our limited French, had believed the water complaint in his previous muddled letters had been about the downpipe for rainwater from the roof.  We always knew that this would be resolved once the new roof was built and new gutters and downpipes fitted.  We were very shocked to discover that we’d been using this water system, and upon returning home, immediately re-routed the washing machine outflow, and stopped using the sink in the utility room.   This is a system he set up when he lived here, and the water outflow from the utility room where we put the washing machine, drains into his fosse system, rather than ours.  There is no way we would have known that.   We were later dismayed to understand that he continued to accuse us of this.

In November 2010, when the roofers took access for their scaffold (with permission from Scrote); Mark took the opportunity to finish closing and securing the window.   Scrote had again complained that this was still not secure or obscure.  As Mark was pouring cement into the shuttering on the outside of the window cavity, Scrote came home, started to harangue Mark and took photos. We decide it is impossible to complete this piece of work, if Scrote accuses Mark of trespass.  This was the 2nd time he had prevented Mark from completing the work, and complained about 4 times about the window.  In fact, Scrote complained to the Gendarmes regarding this, and we were invited to attend to make a statement regarding this.   Once again, we could sense the frustration of gendarmes who have to follow up on yet another absurd complaint from  Scrote, adding further to their collection of photographs taken by him.  We understand that there is no law in France to prevent people from wasting the gendarme’s time. A year or so later, when at the gendarmes for another petty complaint, we asked why there wasn’t a law against wasting police time, our favourite lady gendarme replied, “En France c’est un sport!”.

The roof took 4 months to complete, due to bad weather and an injury to our chief roofer.  It was completed at the end of January 2011, and the scaffold was removed at this time.  5 months later we received yet another copy of a letter advocat to advocat where Scrote accuses our roofers of leaving  rubble on his land.  Why wait 5 months?  How can one tell from the photos what is building rubble and what is Scrote’s mess?  In the photo, there is a chimney pot lying on the ground.  This chimney pot, we suspect, is meant to represent the chimney pot removed by JM whilst dismantling the old chimney.  The chimney pot that JM removed never rested on the ground.  It was placed in our grenier, for safe keeping, and later was mounted by JM onto our working chimney (at our request) as we had lost one during the installation of our wood burner in 2008.   We have a photograph of this event, as it was the final part of a very long process somewhat like a topping off ceremony.


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