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I blogged yesterday about being fat and weight loss. It intrigues me that rarely do I get “Likes” on my blogs, but today there are 2 who are from people with money to make in the “weight loss” industry. It’s such a massive money making industry, no wonder we find losing weight hard when we invest in all those low fat, get thin quick regimes. Of course they don’t want you to actually lose weight, otherwise they’ll not earn money! So, they continue to market themselves and we continue to get taken in. Most of the scientific research into weight loss is funded by the same industry, so most of the project outcomes will need to maintain the premise of said industry. So outcomes get skewed and we believe what we read.
The only way I am sure (I have yet to prove it) is to eat less food. No need to buy special products, just eat smaller portions.

They’ll probably like this one too!


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