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A Backlash of hate and racism, disguised as patriotism.

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I have come across loads of racism being disguised as patriotism around on the internet and Facebook (of course) today. Sadly, it’s stuff like this which will continue to radicalise the disaffected. I do not and am not condoning what happened yesterday, I am as horrified as you, I am as angry as you, and I know that spewing racist anger and hate is not going to change a thing. The truth is, it will feed that very people we are hating. We cannot continue to talk about Muslims as if they are all the same, all mad/evil/bad/murderers. I know and have known some very nice, gentle, kind and caring people whom I believe to be of the Muslim faith. I have also met some extreme “Christians” as well as some kind, gentle caring ones.
As we all are today, I am still trying to work out how I feel, but I am know that right now I am concerned and frightened for the UK as the hatist racist extreme right use this as fodder to further their own needs.

Here a few of the examples that I have come across in a narrow and short search, just on Facebook pages.

Realistically, all of you saying ‘make a stand’ and ‘shoot them’ are going to do absolutely nothing, because some rationality still exists inside you. You will say a lot, but ultimately not do anything. Muslims are not bad. Ignorance is bad

I don’t know what is less surprising, the fact that people are jumping on the ‘all Muslims are terrorists’ bandwagon or that those people are pretty much the people you get on Jeremy Kyle.

Hey Guys This has been a hell of a shock to all DECENT,NORMAL THINKING PEOPLE. Buts lets all just remember a young innocent man walking his own streets has been slaughtered like a wild animal today. Lets stop getting at each other NOW is the time we all stand together and honour this lads memory.RIP BRAVE LAD. We salute you and our sympathy to your family. Time for logical thought now. These people want us to hate. Well hating our own isnt going to help. Lets now pull together as one. That way these maniacs will never win. Hate cannot be the order of the day otherwise we are as bad as them. Love and peace folks.

As a Muslim brought up in this awesome country I don’t condone what those 2 mad so called ‘Muslims’ have done. They have killed a completely innocent man, which in any religion- especially Islam, is wrong. I can’t believe that these awful things are happening now, the disgusting ‘Muslim’ people who committed murder will pay their price to God in Hell. All Muslims are ashamed and embarassed by what they have done and are angry with them for portraying Muslims like this, if they weren’t happy to live in this open and what was safe country then they should have left. As a Muslim and a human being I send my love to the family of the poor man who has been brutally brutally murdered.

This is probably going to piss off a lot of people, but let me make this perfectly clear first, it is a shame what happened to the solider and i wish his family the best and hope they get though this, but how does changing your profile picture to a union jack show support, itsback to that “change your picture to a cartoon Characters to support anti pedo’s” its the same as thinking the like button will cure cancer. If you want to really support the guy go out and do something, send flowers to there family or a card, something they will see, not change your profile picture for a few days then change it back as if nothing ever happend

If people had listened years ago to Enoch Powell who said to keep the borders locked then this country would not be in the state it is in now.RIP to the fellow who died and respect to his family

The Union Jack was once a flag of pride, it expressed freedom and prosperity and unanimity… Then people like you (right wing extremists) came along and made it about hate. You think you are so patriotic but your real intention is to ruin this grate country.

Well here in USA we could use our 2nd amendment rights and killed them while we waited for the cops maybe even saved the guy Rip young man sad sad day

Enoch Powell was right…send them all back..

Its nothing to do with religion…..its to do with evil ……those two men were evil personified………..using the banner of a religion….you cant be religious and then kill someone…….

Heavenly Father I pray for justice to be done and I pray calm and peace in the UK please LORD do not let Satan have his way here. These are your children in the United Kingdom please LORD protect them and give them wisdom. Amen

Do you know that Mohammad said Allah ordered me to kill non-Muslims. Text of his speech in Arabic: أمرت أن أقاتل الناس حتى يشهدوا ألا إله إلا الله وأن محمدا رسول الله ، ويقيموا الصلاة ويؤتوا الزكاة ، فإذا فعلوا ذلك عصموا مني دماءهم وأموالهم إلا بحق الإسلام وحسابهم على الله

As a muslim, i would like to apologize for the above comment. What an idiot. As a whole we refuse to share the same ideologies of a small, evil minority

Deport immediately anyone who preaches hate against this country- please let us not tolerate this but also not to take action against innocent Muslims and immigrants otherwise Enoch Powell’s RIves of Blood will come true

I am married to a Muslim man, and im proud to be married to him. Please dont tar all Muslims with the same brush and people who say they are killing people for Islam are liars. Nobody in this fken country keeps my husband or family. We both work full time we take care of our 2 disabled sons claim no benefits nothing from this country and im a white english woman born and bred here. So give the decent muslims of this country a chance. Or next time u or one of ur family goes to A&E tell the muslim doctor or surgeon or whoever u dont wantvtreatment from them…..rant over!!!!!

I am thankful to know there are some voices of reason out there too.

This from a Facebook friend;
I am sickened and shocked by the events of yesterday and some of the disgusting attitudes to this. I am bewildered by what happened and still unsure of the motivation etc. It was an awful cowardly act and I grieve with the family of the soldier and with the people who witnessed this. BUT, if you believe in Britain, the British way of life, British justice and ideals, there is NO PLACE for disgusting racist ranting. If you truly believe that the perpetrators should have been summarily executed, that all Muslims are extremists and should be removed from Britain, that people with black skins are somehow of a lower order than people with pink skins, then I would ask you to remove yourself from my friends list as I NEVER want to see this kind of racism on my Facebook page again.

and another Facebook friend;
I just heard about the terrible attack on the soldier in the UK. I even saw the video of the man bragging about why he did it. My heart and love go to those affected by this, the mans friends and family, and those unfortunate to be affected by this. Whilst not a racist, I find it ironic that after a large protest about how the government and police should burn in hell…those same extremists are now demanding the government and police act to protect their mosque and followers….what can you say?
I do also feel for those genuine Muslim’s out there who have also been tarred with this lunatics brush. Love and peace man….thats all we need.

I wish I knew the answer, I wish I had the magic spell to make it all okay. What I know is, hate breeds hate, violence breeds violence, terror breeds terror, war breeds war.


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  1. hate just breeds more hate ,the spiral will if we let it get out of control ,there are good and bad everywhere ,a life is a life ,

  2. I’ve been thinking about this a lot since last night, as I’m sure most people have been. I’m saddened, shocked and despairing really. These are not the actions of rational human beings, until we know more about the background, their histories we can’t make judgements or jump to conclusions, what they did was wrong, horrible, vile but to label them as ‘Muslims’ who therefore are bad is to label millions of peaceful, private Muslims, as bad, vile etc. I have lived in a Muslim country, worked alongside Muslims in London, have friends who are Muslim, to suggest we should throw them all out, that they are all evil is just daft. I worked with a Bangladeshi girl in London who lost a (Muslim) friend in the terror attacks in 2005 on the tube at Whitechapel. She was as shocked and terrified as everyone else, why wouldn’t she be?

    In the UK we have welcomed (is that the right word in every case?) people from every corner of the world, we have a diverse society and we should be proud of that, people come, work, raise families, pay taxes, just live their lives. Of course there are some who don’t, some who want to sow discontent, cause trouble but these do not represent the majority.

  3. To condemn all Muslims because of this atrocity would be the same as condemning all Christians because of the Klu Klux Klan , Westboro Baptist Church, or any one of many extremists who claim to be Christian. And I was told forty odd years ago I will be going to hell by Christian fundementalist evangelicals, because I did not immediately join their “faith”. To be clear, I was brought up “CofE” because that was how it was then, now I’m more a free thinker I guess, Einsteinian Pantheist according to Richard Dawkins, not far off atheist. But we all need our beliefs to cope with the world, we are all entitled to them, though we should not get so disaffected or radicalised as to go assault others using our beliefs as justification.

    Damn I’m more than ever happy we live outside the asylum.

  4. Disharmony, racism, greed, hatred and discord within communities is like a disease and like all diseases, it needs the right environments and conditions to grow and multiply. Fear, oppression, crime, poverty, a media hungry for anarchy, a government trying to please everyone, who seems to have forgot some of the cornerstones of ruling like trust and co-operation. These are just some of the elements fueling the UK’s dysfunctional communities.pitting man against man, child against child. No one is born prejudiced.
    At the time of the 9/11 bombing, I was in Tunisia, staying in a large Muslim community. Our guide spent time explaining about extremists and how their faith was utterly devastated by the events that had transpired, but asked everyone to keep an open mind about his faith and its brothers and sisters. As Mark said every faith has its extremists and skeletons in the closet, I’m sure the Knights Templar during the crusades weren’t merely spreading gods word enthusiastically when thousands died at their hands. I have been to many countries where the Muslim community has been prominent, and have been received with open arms, and in return I have respected their customs and rationale. I appreciate I am only visiting, but the concept is simple, I respect you, you respect me, different, but with the same ideals.
    I find it hard to not be drawn into media topics that feed on stories with political agendas, I love my country, and feel very protective when people chant and spit at police and army men, telling them to burn in hell… to say nothing of the atrocity that transpired in Woolich today. But I don’t hate Muslims or other faiths. I respect their values and would expect them to respect mine. I am conscious of religious groups that insist on using religion as a tool or a weapon to overwhelm or dominate communities.
    I recently saw a video clip recently in Luton of a girl that asked a group of marching and shouting Muslims why they were shouting “All police burn in hell”….and said “Doesn’t your holy book say to respect the law of the land?”. A man who was part of the protesting crowd answered by quoting another part of the book that says about not listening to liars and disbelievers. I truly believe that books like the Quran, the Bible, like any book full of meaning can be quoted to mean anything we wish it to be, it just comes down to interpretation.
    As a sort of onlooker when it comes to religion, I saw a quote that sums up my views, that being “A religious war is just two people arguing over who has the better imaginary friend”.
    As to an answer to our plight, we need respect and trust. We need to respect each other, to do the right thing, and treat each human being with dignity, allowing them to make their own choices independently of our own, and not judging them. Faith and belief can have many connotations, Faith in others to do the right thing, and a belief in a system with which we exist. I may not agree with everything my government says and does, but taking lives and hurting people will carry no positive message to the future, in whatever context or reason it is done. I know the Islamic faith believes in us all being brothers and and sisters, and everyone being in harmony, a great message, and not forgetting John Lenons “Imagine” albeit a bit bohemian, but both possessing the same message living together and being immersed in the beautiful people and places this amazing planet has to offer, and living, not existing, but living together, enriching each others lives, helping and healing each other, regardless of creed, nationality or belief. It is possible if we want it to happen, it begins in our hearts.
    Peace out
    Chris Bricknell-Sproston


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