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Ouessants arrive.

Yesterday we started a whole new learning curve by buying 3 Ouessant (Ushant) sheep.

About Ouessants.

Ivy (ewe) and Ida (lamb) rather bemused after arriving at their new home.

Ivy (ewe) and Ida (lamb) rather bemused after arriving at their new home.




I’ve wanted to keep goats or sheep in the garden for several years, and have had to work hard to finally persuade mon amour that they won’t be any trouble.   I hope they live up to this.  We have already spend the odd hour playing chase around the garden, trying to get them to somewhere sheltered.  Last night we didn’t succeed, tonight we did.  I am glad, it was exhausting and must be good for me.

Inca, not impressed at being moved.

Inca, not impressed at being moved.

We will leave them in their shelter tomorrow, I may have to join them as it needs much cleaning and work doing to make it suitable but for now, the lamb is out of the rain and they now no there is somewhere to shelter in wet weather.  The sheep are hardy, but I think the lamb will benefit from some shelter for another week or two.  She doesn’t have the amount of wool insulation her mum does.

I’ve chosen their names based on I, which is the letter for 2013 in France.  All dogs and cats born in 2013 can be named using I.  I know the ram and ewe were not born this year, but they are new to me.  Inca is castrated, so we won’t be having any more, unless we enjoy them so much and want to breed.  I chose a castrated ram as I have read they’re less likely to head but you.  I guess I’ll find out.  So far, the ewe seems to be in charge.

We have lost 3 chickens,  in the last 2 weeks to a predator.  So, our chicken stocks are very low.  This will be my 3rd depleted flock, and I may well not try too hard to replace them.  However we have 2 new additions to the poultry shed.

Pekins chicks 2013 005

So, we’re still recovering from our week away.  The weather is grey, wet and not too cold.  I think time in the garden with sheep will blow away the last of our fatigue.

Keep the gates closed please.


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