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Dear Bassetts

Dear Bassets,

I recently found myself in a “Temple of Disappointment” (thanks Bill Bailey) on a journey through the byways and motorways of England.  Since I am rarely in the UK, I decided that my only purchase would be your very own Liquorice Allsorts.  There were some liquorice allsorts of unknown provenance in the Pick & Mix, but I decided that only the original was good enough for me.


We continued our journey, and we began to share the Allsorts and I wondered where the liquorice part had gone?  Now I have been out of the country for several years, and acknowledge it’s quite possible I missed your “New Improved Recipe” notice whilst you probably attempt to reduce the quality and save money.  I was shocked and disappointed to discover that Bassets Liquorice Allsorts no longer resemble the sweet I have known and loved for 58 years!

The small aniseed jelly type sweet is no longer a strong tasting, and has less blue or pink beads on the outside, in fact it is very different in size and shape.  The Coconut rounds are a shadow of their former glory and it’s almost impossible to taste the liquorice.  The squares and triple squares are poorly formed and again, hardly taste of liquorice, in fact most of what we could taste was sugar. Even the small liquorice pieces (there were hardly any) don’t taste of liquorice!

I can see from these reviews, I am not alone;

Review Centre

So, my question to you is;  Have you “improved” your recipe over the last 10 years?  If so why?  Some things cannot be improved upon, and I believe that the aforementioned allsorts come into this category.  Is liquorice, the real stuff, now too expensive for us mere mortals?

So, my visit to the Temple of Disappointment was indeed up to expectations.  Thank you Bassetts, I will now no longer be able to relive those childhood memories of my first experience of Liquorice Allsorts.  I will no longer be able to re-kindle images of my father sharing the bag (we didn’t get sweets daily back then).

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells.



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