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Playing the blame Game……

……….is impossible if one takes responsibility for oneself.

Two things I have learned today (well 3 actually).

1.  Blaming someone for locking you out of the house whilst you’re out for an hour makes them responsible for you and your needs.

2. Making big assumptions about what will be happening in the hour that you’re out is not a good plan.

and 3.  Being locked out in below freezing temperatures is unpleasant and makes you want to play the blame game.

Having had 45 minutes of being locked out in below freezing conditions and having flitted around the Drama Triangle for a while,  I have learned that if I take responsibility for my needs, I will not find myself locked out again.  I have had a similar lesson before when being left on the quayside in a foreign country with no passport and very little language.  On that occasion I did quite a bit of Persecutor/Victim stuff and eventually made sure I took responsibility for myself.

So, in future, wherever I am going and however long I am going to be there, and whatever I think my husband will be doing whilst I am gone, I WILL TAKE MY KEYS.







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