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If you’ve often wondered why you feel a great emptiness which you cannot fill, this will resonate for you.


misisng heart


so why is there a hole in my heart?!

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Where do our fearful, LOVE-LIMITING beliefs come from?
a. From THEM (Part 1 – cont.)
Children need to FEEL loved. It’s not enough that Parents (Pa) believe or say they love their offspring. If they express it in self-centered & inappropriate ways they’re failing to get the message across.  They don’t have to beat, molest or torture a child for it to feel unloved & unwanted.

If a parent:
— constantly teases or makes jokes at the child’s expense, “all in good fun”
— doesn’t take the child seriously, belittling any effort, wish or dreamStrapped girl
— puts down, verbally harasses, judges, criticizes
— ignores, shushes, neglects (not warm, affectionate, responsive)
— over-controls, watches the child’s every move, always correcting
— narcissistically treats the child as an extension of…

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