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Very familiar territory for me, and not so much nowadays although it doesn’t take much for me to go into my Rescue mode.


false self 

I can take care of you, but not myself

REMINDER: Use ACRONYM page for abbrev.

ENABLING is another term for co-dependent rescuing of other, in place of taking care of ourselves.
In Al-Anon terms, it is our compulsion to save the alcoholic or any other kind of addict (debting, drug, exercise, gambling, food, sex, under-earning….) from the consequences of their own self-destructive behavior.
A person who is acting out self-destructively has no reason to change if they don’t ever have to experience the outcome of their compulsion. If they don’t have to pay any price for their behavior, they’re enabled to continue practicing their addiction. “Helping someone to continue being self-destruct is co-dependency – not supportive & not Loving.

In more general terms, it’s any form of helping someone not take care of themselves when they really can. It may be…

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