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Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous 2013

I am not into the whole New Year party, drinking, party thing? It feels so wrong to utter such bah humbug, but it is really not my cup of tea. We have enjoyed some NYE festivities over the years, notably our first one together when I thought my reasonably new manfriend was going to be swept off the side of a hill in gale force winds (my fault lol).  Still struggling with the whole idea of spending an evening in the company of a large group of people drinking alcohol (I suspect I have some unconscious memories of my early years and parties at home).  I suggested that we go up onto the downs outside Folkestone  (up onto the downs??? how does one manage that?  Why are they called downs when you need to travel up them?)  and watch the people celebrate (fireworks etc) from afar.  On this particular NYE, there was rain and high winds.  Determined not to let my man down, we donned over-trousers and hooded rainproof jackets and headed off to the downs with 2 portable picnic chairs.

We arrived at the designated site, climb over the stile and walk across the wet grass to chose a spot (in very dark conditions) to sit.  My man begins to unpack the picnic chairs and one of the covers is whipped away by the wind closely followed by the man.  Off into the dark, over the brow of a hill and he disappeared.  I thought I’d lost him for good!   Thankfully I hadn’t, and we sat down to bring in the new year, him with the miniatures of single malt whisky’s he’d found in his Christmas stocking and me with chocolate no doubt.  The weather was so poor, and the cloud level so low, we saw nary a firework!


Our next 2 or 3  where spent on Bideford Quay, which if you’re going to celebrate is a great place to do so.  Most of the upto 10,000 revellers dress up in fancy dress.  One year I went as a Sim (pretty easy, just my normal clothes and a green diamond over my head).

Bond inspired evening for New Years Eve

One of my lasting memories of these NYE’s, is the firework display at midnight and the poor starlings who roost in their 1000’s under the bridge, startled into the night for about 15 mins.

Last year was celebrated next door with our neighbours, and my daughter, who celebrated her first NYE in France. This year we’ll be quietly seeing it in with Jools (which of course is a must) Hootenanny and I am sure him indoors will be taking a drink or two. Me, I shall have one drink maybe and then get on with a normal evening chez nous.

So, Happy New Year and I hope that 2013 is a better year for you all, and that we find ourselves at the end of it in a world that is kinder, less violent and far less mad.
Oh one final thing, please don’t complain about your hangover tomorrow, surely by now you know what causes it!

Gate is securely closed until next year.



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