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Nancy M. Griffis

So we’re all still reeling from what happened in Newtown, CT. Or, I know I am. I wanted to hug every child I passed on the street just to know they were safe, even though I was a stranger to them. All of my friends who have children live out of state, so I have no children to hug. This, of course, would just be to make myself feel better.

I’m not here to proselytize. I’m not here to court your opinion on gun control. I’m not here to argue. This is a statement of my own personal reflections on guns. My reflection on the tragic state of our (lack of) mental health system will be completely separate, though the problems do, unfortunately and frequently, feed off one another.

Guns. Oh, guns. Our love/hate relationship with you has reached a despairing new low. Believe it or not, despite my (very)…

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