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So long, and thanks for all the fish.

I am really annoyed that the end of the world is imminent as there is still so much more I have to say.  I’m struggling currently to type as I appear to have injured my right arm but feel I need at least say goodbye and wish you all well for the end of the world.

December 21: End of Mayan calendar, or end of the world?

My doctor says my arm may take 3 weeks to heal, but by then we’ll all be gone.

China fears end of the world is nigh.

Psychology of the end of the world: Should you worry about doomsday?

So, I’ll keep this short, as my typos are on a short rein.  Thanks for your time and company over the last year or so and I hope you have a good send off planned.  We haven’t planned anything, although we might rush around cooking and eating all the Christmas food and ripping open the Christmas presents.  Hoping that Jules will do an early Hootenanny we can watch as we head off into the darkness.



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