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So, that went okay.

Of course the good thing about all my naval gazing beforehand means I find a way to make it all okay for myself.  The visit to my sister’s for lunch went well. In fact I felt less anxiety on the drive there than I’d felt in the proceeding weeks.  She said at the outset she was anxious, which surprised me.  Her anxiety, I discovered, was about how the outside area of the house looked, as it was still pretty much a building site.  Interesting that she is worried about superficial stuff.

Her house was like a house from a glossy magazine, very glossy and very “Grand Designs”.  It is completely transformed from the humble 2 bed bungalow my parents shared until 2 years ago.  It’s now a 3 bed house with designer kitchen, and large lounge diner. They, my sister and her husband have done a great job, and I know my Dad would be very proud of her and what she has achieved.

In all of this, I did go and look at where Dad’s ashes have been placed, and it is so non de-script I felt very little when contemplating.  I took a photo for posterity, and know I won’t be back, I won’t feel the need.

We took both mother’s out for a meal.  Lovely meal at The Old Mill in Kennington.  Mum was like a toddler, interfering with other people’s glasses of drink.  It was like being with a stranger, hardly any connection or attachment, felt very strange.   We took them both back to our sea-front rental in Hythe, it was a beautiful day and they enjoyed a cuppa and some cake once we’d managed to get them up two flights of stairs.

We had a lovely meal at Rocksalt.


So, a good week, and so nice to be home.  Our journey home was long and foggy all the way through France.  Next time I am going to travel through time……






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