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Beautiful, a different view of Paris.

Fünf Gemüse

Paris is a beautiful city, no one has doubts about that. However, despite the books, the films and the endless clichés about la Ville Lumière, Paris is not a sunny city. Is not the place where everyday you can see a blue sky and drink a coffee in a terrace. Actually, the rain is one of the main characters in the city and has ruined more than one romantic escape to the french capital.

Photographer Christophe Jacrot knows that and in his serie Paris sous la pluie helps us see this grey and rainy side of the city, yet beautiful and inspiring.

After this serie I hope no one will ever travel to Paris again without bringing an umbrella!

60x90 cm ed.12 / 70x105 cm ed.8

50x75 cm ed.12 ex

60x90 cm ed.12

60x90 cm ed.12

60x90 ed.12/70x105 ed.8 Last prints

60x90 cm ed.12

60x90 cm ed.12

60x90 cm  ed.12 / 80x120 cm ed.8

70x105 cm ed 12 / 80x120 cm ed 8

/ 70X105 cm ed.8 / 80x120 ed.3

60x90cm ed.12/70x105cm ed.8

60x90cm sold out / 53x80 cm ed.10

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Lived in Kent, then Devon, now France. Trained as a Mental Health Nurse in Canterbury, then at Training South East (Sandhurst) in Transactional Analysis with Alice Stephenson (dec'd) , Suzanne Boyd and Mellie Lewin. Managed a Private Psychiatric Nursing Home for very mentally ill patients in Devon for 3 year before retiring to France in 2006.

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