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Day 23 and I am still alive!

Today is Day 23 of our 24 day marathon of visitors.  Our house has not been empty since 22nd August.

We’ve had a lovely time, enjoyed good company, good food and have been out sight seeing with grand-children and our friends.  We’ve visited places we rarely visit nowadays, it’s been good to re-connect with parts of France that played a major role at the beginning of our time here.

We love having visitors and wouldn’t change it for the world, and we are looking forward to having the house back to ourselves and to not having to think about anyone but ourselves.

Last year, 3 months after Dad died our visitor season started, and despite not realising I was still grieving, I became quite stressed and ended needing another 10 appointments with my kinesitherapeute to deal with my terrible neck problems.  I am so relieved this year that  I have not allowed myself to get like that and have no neck pain, back pain etc.  Just very tired now, but I know that in a few days I’ll have recovered.

So, one last trip out this afternoon to visit an old farm that a friend is renovating.  We’ve already trespassed (with permission from the owners ) at the Moulin de la Roche.  Trespassed and taken veg from the potager 😉  Tomorrow off to Limoges airport and to say good bye to our friends until we visit them in November.  I think they’re rather smitten with France, and wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them living here in a year or two.  It begins to feel like North Devon is gradually invading our part of France.

We’ve been closing the gate each time we head off out, it keeps our local scrote out of the picture and gives us as much privacy as we prefer.  Talking of local scrotes, we had a very new experience during the week.  We went to the Tribunal d’Instance (equivalent to a Magistrates Court) on Weds morning regarding our ongoing complaint.  Cannot say more about this currently, only that we felt more positive after the hearing and can see how things are progressing.  Will be able to report completely in the New Year we hope.

a bientot.

Oh, I nearly forgot.  Our friend is a keen Brocante, Vide Grenier browser and we took him to a Brocante last evening.  His influence has worn off and I found this fantastic bargain!

Hoping to do some research and find the provenance of this machine.


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