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For all those who feel like life is out to get them. For all those who feel that others don’t really care. Read this and see if this resonates for you. It certainly is stuff that I resolved for myself many years ago.
Bon courage les braves.



everyone gives me such a hard time!

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ARTICLEre. Emotions

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HURTING OURSELVES – Emotionally (cont.)
Lack of Self-Care
• ACoAs were originally subjected to many different kinds of PMES care – some parents were too rigid, some too lax.  In some families too much was expected of us – expected to fend for ourselves &/or take care of others – way too early. Some parents did way too little daily care & maintenance for us, so we had to figure everything out for ourselves, so we never learned how to do things easily, correctly, efficiently –  or at all.  In some cases a hero/martyr parent may have done too much, without teaching us how to do things for ourselves – making us naive, ignorant or stupid – & dependent on others. (See previous posts)

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Lived in Kent, then Devon, now France. Trained as a Mental Health Nurse in Canterbury, then at Training South East (Sandhurst) in Transactional Analysis with Alice Stephenson (dec'd) , Suzanne Boyd and Mellie Lewin. Managed a Private Psychiatric Nursing Home for very mentally ill patients in Devon for 3 year before retiring to France in 2006.

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