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We made a decision about child sponsorship, and have sponsored a child with Action Aid and a child with The Butterfly Tree Org. With Butterfly Tree all the money donated goes to help the community. Much happier than with all the paperwork and glossy stuff that came with Action Aid.
We didn’t get a dog, but a few months later my daughter did. So I do dog walk a couple of times a week, and I do get some of the good stuff one gets with a dog, however I am so relieved that the problems and responsibility is not mine, and like grand children you get to hand the dog back.

musings from outside the asylum

I’ve been pondering again.

For a few weeks I have been wondering about getting a dog. I have to think long and hard about this as I am not a doggy type person. Some friends have been sharing their photos of newly acquired dogs and puppies, and of course this makes my “cute and broody” buttons twitch.

I am obese, in fact my BMI says I am morbidly obese, although I am active, and have (after a year in the doldrums) begun to walk or get some exercise each day. Dr Mike Evans says,

and we have been doing this since November. So, where it the connection here?

My pondering’s about acquiring a dog were motivated by the idea that having a dog would mean we would have to walk, whatever is going on for us, and may mean we walk more and perhaps twice a day. Of course, we…

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