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Reblogging this as I am still witnessing similar behaviour.

musings from outside the asylum

It seems I have taken an unplanned gap.    I last wrote a new  blog post about 2 months ago, since then it has been reblogs of mine or others blogs.  I went away to the UK, and came back with a rather nasty illness that lasted for over 2 weeks, and resolved just in time for me to be going back to the UK for another week of busy relative/friend catch ups.   So, upon return to normal (as we know it) I lost interest in much on the WWW and found myself waiting to be inspired.

It took me a while to go back to Twitter, and Tweetdeck, where I promote Dad’s book along with my daughter, and my daughter’s business.  Anyhow, I was inspired yesterday to reflect on an old behaviour of mine, having witnessed it virtual friend yesterday who received little acknowledgement for her birthday.  So…

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