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Just reminiscing, and loving the photo of Mark locking the padlock on the bridge. Makes me smile.

musings from outside the asylum

My man and I decided we’d like to get away this Christmas and headed off to Paris and riskily into the Asylum. It’s only a 90 minute train ride from Poitiers (Paris that is).

Our hotel was in Pigale, the famous red light district of Paris (known as Pig Alley by WW2 soldiers). The Sexodrome super store of sex toys etc was next door and was a beacon in the night when we returned in the dark. Moulin Rouge 500metres along the road, Montmartre sitting opposite and lantern of Sacre Coeur visible from our rather decadent room.

Moulin Rouge love the beautiful Art Deco Metro signs.

We arrived on 23rd December, and up the road beside the Moulin Rouge “Rue Lepic” were some wonderful food shops. These were very busy with people buying their food for Christmas Eve, which is when the French eat their Christmas meal and open their presents.

Capons and Turkeys complete with heads.





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