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I’m still standing and I am very happy with my set up. Really is worth doing, much better for your posture and all your muscles.

musings from outside the asylum

Day 4

I’m still standing.

My energy levels have vastly improved, and I have been reading more about the benefits for standing desks and see that people are feeling more productive and have more clarity of thought. Since I am not working/earning money/ needing to measure productivity in that way, I can’t be a reliable witness to such claims.

I noticed just now as I was preparing veg for dinner that I didn’t have back ache whilst standing at the kitchen worktop! That is a big boost for me, since I have suffered on and off with low back pain over the years, and now I am not feeling that.

Last night I read some blogs, one suggested standing on an anti-fatigue mat. I knew I needed to stand on something like a doormat or piece of carpet, as I am currently standing on tiles. So I’ve now ordered one…

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