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How one simple change can increase your productivity and improve your health.

Day 4

I’m still standing.

My energy levels have vastly improved, and I have been reading more about the benefits for standing desks and see that people are feeling more productive and have more clarity of thought. Since I am not working/earning money/ needing to measure productivity in that way, I can’t be a reliable witness to such claims.

I noticed just now as I was preparing veg for dinner that I didn’t have back ache whilst standing at the kitchen worktop! That is a big boost for me, since I have suffered on and off with low back pain over the years, and now I am not feeling that.

Last night I read some blogs, one suggested standing on an anti-fatigue mat. I knew I needed to stand on something like a doormat or piece of carpet, as I am currently standing on tiles. So I’ve now ordered one from Amazon, and look forward to seeing what impact that has on.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

  • Have a good look at the desk you have already-can it be converted? Can you stand it on blocks?
  • Can you convert it by placing a cheap coffee table on top.
  • Make sure you keep moving as you stand at your desk.  You will move from foot to foot naturally, pay some attention to this whilst you are adjusting.
  • Make sure you’re wearing good, comfortable footwear, and stand on a door mat or anti-fatigue mat.  If you’re already on carpet this is unlikely to be an issue.
  • For the first few days you might ache (if your unfit and obese like me).  Each night I have taken an Ibuprofen to ease the aching limbs so I can fall asleep and relax more easily.  I don’t think I will need one tonight. So just to get over the initial hump.
  • Every so often take a seat for 10 minutes or so until your body becomes more used to your new position.
  • Take notice of the muscles you’re using to stand upright, take the opportunity to work them a little more.
  • Take it slowly if you need to and build up gradually.

Finally, here are some links to some blogs about standing desks.

So, if you haven’t already been persuaded and you want to improve your energy levels, productivity and think more clearly, I think this is your answer. Get off you chair and move.



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  1. These standing desks are coming into fashion. I just don’t know if my poor back could take them. Nice to hear comments about them.

  2. lacheshirechat

    GREAT idea! I use a ‘Tall Desk’ in my kitchen and when I’m doing catering, I very seldom sit down. I don’t feel fatigued after hours on my feet, now I know why. 🙂
    Thank you for the article and the links, fascinating!
    Hugs and quiches from Kitty xx

  3. I have never heard of standing desks. But thinking about it, I used to work in a shop, and never got any more tired on days when I was on my feet all day than when I was doing admin at a desk. Interesting stuff! Now, some days I am on my chair all day, without moving at all – bad news.

    • I hadn’t heard of them either until about a week ago. I think I stumbled across them as I was researching my next chair! So, I’ve saved myself some money, as i now have no need for a new chair.

  4. Wow, I love this idea, My home “office” is a tall pub table in the corner of my dining room. My knees and bum have been hurting lately and was going to get a new stool, but I may try this plan first. My back always hurts when I do dishes and make dinner after sitting all day – maybe you’re onto something here!

  5. You commenting on the post I made on my site combined with me reading your’s inspired me and as soon as I got home from work yesterday I tore my desk down and put it back at standing height.

  6. Reblogged this on musings from outside the asylum and commented:

    I’m still standing and I am very happy with my set up. Really is worth doing, much better for your posture and all your muscles.

  7. Where else can you do hamstring stretches and play Scrabble 😉


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