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Standing Desk a sequel

Day 2

I was pretty achy when I went to bed last night, and pleased with how the raised desk was working out. I am pretty achy today too, and have been here less than yesterday. No reggae either, as I was driving round the glorious French countryside on errands.

I know that several things are happening whilst I am standing here, and one of those things is I am actually burning calories. The reason I was achy (and am now) is because I using muscles to support my body. Back muscles, thigh muscles, calf muscles, etc. When I was sitting in a chair, the chair was doing all this work so my body could slow right down and burn very little energy. So, I have already speeded up my metabolism with little conscious effort.

I like this article I’ve linked to, as there are several health benefits mentioned within it.

I immediately noticed yesterday and today how much more active I am. Simply not having to make an effort of get out of the chair means I wander off and do something else whilst pages load etc. My feet are aching, this means I am changing position every 30 seconds or so to relieve them, so I am unconsciously (well I would be if I weren’t thinking about it and writing about it) exercising passively as I transfer my weight from one hip to the other. I am hoping that over the coming months I will be transferring less weight gradually.

Nothing new then

Oh dear, looks like stand up desks are nothing new! It makes me wonder when and how we all came to start sitting to work at a desk.

So, there’s my update. I will try to keep quiet about for a few more days, and not bore you with it again too soon.

a bientot.

Sorry the links are not great, somehow the links editor is not working so I’ve had to manually edit them and leave them raw. But you catch my drift I know.


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  1. I’m no longer aching in the way that I was, I am certainly now used to standing here.


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