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What a clever therapist. How often do we miss communicate our love for each other?

Roots to Blossom

I had the best, eye-opening discussion with my therapist about learning your personal love language.

I believe that everyone has a way of expressing love, and feeling love, that is completely unique. When a couple feels and shares love in the same language, they feel wonderfully connected. When one or both partners speak a different language, one or both can feel terribly alone.

My husband is terrible at gift giving and receiving. He either does not remember the occasion at all, or gets something completely impersonal. My husband is not wordy. He does not share my love of words and poetry and literature.

But this does not mean he does not love and appreciate me. I understand this now, more than I ever have. When I woke up from my so-called life a year or so ago, I realized so many things were making me unhappy. I realized my husband…

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