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Why do your ideas always arrive when you’re in the shower or in bed?

How often have you found yourself in the shower or in bed when an idea comes to you, and you have no means to write it down. Probably not so bad if you’re in bed, as you hopefully have a notebook next to you for these occasions, but in the shower there is an problem with paper and pen. Why is it that these ideas come then? Why can’t they come when you’re actually sitting at your PC and working.

When we’re working at the PC, reading, writing, chatting, networking, emailing, tweeting we’re using up most of our brain and there is no reflective space to allow new ideas and thoughts in. So, when we finally switch off, and put work away and start doing stuff that doesn’t require our brain space, we free up creative space. It would be good to pay heed to this and think about other activities that free up our brain during the day.

When you went for that bike ride earlier, not only were you exercising your body, getting some Vitamin D and breathing in some fresh air, you were giving your brain some space too. I wonder whether you had some good ideas whilst you were out, whether you got inspired. I wonder whether your productivity improved as a result of your short break from the desk. There are many, many articles on the web about this, and many of them quote Richard Branson who suggests;

There are other articles that suggest that sunlight increases productivity too, so a walk, run, cycle ride in the sun has got to be a good thing.
In fact many of the studies look at how to bring more natural light and sunlight into the workplace, so setting your office space up in a sunny spot is a good plan too.

Earlier in this blog I used used the word reflective, and I think that many of us don’t really get how important time to reflect is. In this world where every minute is scheduled and lunch is taken on the move, opportunities for reflection have been lost. If you can imagine for a minute that reflection during the day is a little like dreaming at night, and we all know how important it is to be able to dream. Just as dreaming is important, so is reflection and I am sure you would find an improvement in your stress levels if you allowed yourself some space to do so.

I found this here and wanted to use it, so have linked to the blog.

I also loved this anonymous quote on the same blog.
Stress is when you wake up screaming and you realize you haven’t fallen asleep yet.

So, in essence it’s a good plan to get out there into the wilderness, the countryside and the sun and exercise your body and mind, even if only for 30 mins. Give yourself some space and don’t forget your notepad.

Kathy, feeling very sane ce soir.

PS. I would be really grateful if anyone reading this could let me know whether they can see the links to the articles and the blog. I cannot see them and I wonder if they are there?


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