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On being a woman.

First off, I should say, I am not as qualified as I could be in this being a woman lark.

I have never really been into all those womanly pursuits. Fashion, jewellery, perfume, make-up are all things I tend to ignore. I do have some jewellery (but forget to wear it), I have earrings, but after a few days take them out and the pierced holes close up. I have some make-up, the newest item is probably 2 years old and I have used it once in the last 6 months. I don’t have the figure to need to worry about fashion, and have never really been interested in the latest styles. Being 5’1″ is quite possibly the reason, I am not sure, but “Fashion for Short Arses” is not a magazine title I have ever come across.

I am 56 years old, and way too big for a short arse, so would have to work very hard to make myself into that silk purse many women aspire to. I have facial hair, as do many other women, but because they look closely on a regular basis, they can remove it before it needs it’s own bathroom). I forget to look closely in the mirror from one week to the next, this morning I looked! OMG. So, out came the bleach and the tweezers, and I am now feeling a little more presentable (there again, I wasn’t feeling unpresentable as I was ignorant as to what was occurring right under my nose). Oh and I thought I’d put some of that expensive moisturiser on too, again I forget and only use it once in a blue moon. So, I am actually feeling a little like a woman now, just a little.

I was out shopping yesterday and as I was leaving the store, a woman was walking towards me dressed up to the nines. She was a big woman, several inches taller than me, with long legs but not slim. Her black dress was just covering her bottom, but because she was big it just look like a square piece of material on her. She had on black opaque tights, boots and had a rather large amount of black dyed hair. So, why am I mentioning her? She must have been in her mid 70’s, and was dressed completely inappropriately for a woman of that age and size. I was so shocked I couldn’t help staring. It got me wondering, what does she see when she looks in the mirror. How happy would I be if I had to dress this way each day, or make this much effort at her age.

So, I am wondering what happened to me. Why do I not spend time in front of the mirror, checking for blemishes, adding make-up, toner, blusher, lipstick, concealer, highlighter. Why is is okay for me to wash my face in soap and water, clean my teeth, drag a brush trough my hair and get on with my day? What is missing in my genes? Why can I not build up enough energy and interest in this pursuit? My husband spends longer in front of the mirror than I do, does that make him more womanly than me?

So may questions.
On that note, I’m off.

Thanks for paying attention to the gate closure thing.

a bientot.

Kathy the sane.


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  1. Reblogged this on musings from outside the asylum and commented:

    Was in the city last week, buying a present for a friends 40th birthday. Un magasin de beauté is not a place I normally venture into. So, nice sales woman, very helpful with choosing my friends present, and very insistent that I should be buying some products for me.
    I wish my French was good enough to explain my lack of interest in “beauté” and the drive to stay looking young. Surely i thought, she can see I haven’t bothered so far, I have no make-up on, moustache needs bleaching again (despite my promise to myself to do this more often) and the facial hair thing is out of control. Was she looking? Anyhow, I manage to convince her that I was only there to purchase a cadeau and she allowed me to leave with 3 free samples of moisturiser, which are still in my bad as I forget I have them.
    I am absolutely positive that my skin will benefit far more from what I eat than was I slaver on the outside.
    I am still 5’1″, morbidly obese and not expecting a lot to change in the foreseeable future, preserving my skin therefore is not on my list of priorities.
    a bientot.


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