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Our adventure, not yours.

As mentioned some months ago, we’re off to Paris for Christmas. A big treat for us, and not cheap. We’re really looking forward to it, and consider that it will be quite an adventure. We’re staying in Pigalle and it was only after booking the rather luxurious accommodation I realised it’s Paris’s main red light district. Luckily, we think this is quite funny and hope it just adds to the adventure. We have our maps and guides and are planning our 4 days. They need some planning as many of the usual attractions will be closed on Christmas Day. We’ve book a restaurant for Christmas Diner, and purchased our train tickets.

This is a little confusing, and I know that we are both having similar reactions to what has happened. My knowledge informs me that if I am feeling something, there is normally a reason to have the feeling and so no need to dismiss them. I also suspect that the person causing the discomfort has no conscious idea that they have caused us to have feelings.

A couple of weeks back, a friend announce they were being taken to Paris for a few days. Okay, I know loads of people go to Paris, and we can’t keep it for ourselves, but this just felt a bit odd. I know I felt like they were going to have their adventure before we got there and that somehow it was deliberate. So, they went, and came back with an email full of all they’d done, and sadly a poor judgement of the arrondissement we’re staying in.

Also paid a visit to Pigalle – the Metro stop was one we could use which was just a stop away from where we stayed. Umm!! I guess it’s a bit like Blackpool – doesn’t pretend to be anything except what it is. Lots of sex shops, sex shows and of, course, the Moulin Rouge

I think is the above comment that has left us both feeling disappointed and let down. It feels as if we’re now not going to discover how good or bad it is on our own terms as part of our adventure. Being told it’s a bit like Blackpool devalue’s it somehow. I know it must sound terribly picky, and of course there are loads of revues for Pigalle et al online and in books, but somehow this feels more personal.

It is expensive, but it is a city after all, and you can do things for free if you look around. Anyway, tell you more when we see you as we’ve got a few tips to save you time and money.

This also sounds like someone feels we need to be told how to spend our time there. It feels like an assumption we need help to have our adventure and that we need tips and advice. It feels wrong, and has pissed us off. Yes I know that there are many who will read this and think we’re making something out of nothing. It just feels like the shine has been taken off our personal adventure and we’re now working out how we can avoid being given unwanted tips and advice without causing bad feeling.

As you can imagine, the gate is well and truly closed and we really don’t want to open it for a few days.


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  1. I’d be pissed off too… similar thing happened to me with Rome and NY, although I never got to go so in the end it didn’t matter!


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