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The arrival.

The Journey.
Well, my baby arrived. On time and in one piece. I won’t tell you her weight, she’d be very displeased. I know it was very stressful for her to be solely responsible for the move, and the decision to move. I think she is incredibly courageous.

Our journey down with her cat was quiet, we were very impressed, and have told our own cat about how quietly this cat managed to journey through France! Our experience with our 3 cats 6 years ago was very different, one very vocal cat howling all the way.

I now feel like a new mother, every so often suddenly remembering she is just a few kms away, and wanting to go and check that she’s okay, still breathing etc. I will need to restrain myself as she is rather too mature to need a mother fussing round her.

We’ve already had one aborted attempt to sort out a landline and internet connection. We have to return to the Orange shop tomorrow to repeat the process, as it’s 90% likely they have not kept her information for our return visit. The previous tenant had caused the phone line to be blocked, we hope that this will have been resolved by tomorrow. When she does finally get connected she’ll have 20 mgs! This is really not fair as we have struggled to get 3mgs and that is using a satellite connection as we are too far from the exchange to receive Broadband as others do.

In a few days time, she’ll need to start working again, so I expect she’ll be coming here to use our internet until hers is up and running. So, I won’t need to restrain myself too much, as she’ll be her of her own volition.

Our week in UK

I found it very stressful driving in the UK this time. The longer we’re away, the harder it is to go back to driving on the left. In fact once during the week, I pulled out onto very busy road over to the right. Mother in Law was my passenger, and afterwards said she had noticed but didn’t like to say! Thankfully this time, we didn’t need to use the M25/M4, just staying mostly in Kent.

We had a lovely day in London, mainly to see Les Miserables. We decided on the day to go to The Millenium Wheel after the matinee. We couldn’t have picked a better time to ride, dusk and sunset. It was a fantastic end to a lovely day, and unusually I shall add a photo or three.

Millenium Wheel.

Houses of Westminster

Back home now and all is quiet, even next door seems quiet….not sure what is going on there.


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